About Oxynade

Your customers need the best service ever. And they need it fast. They also make their purchase decisions during their first website visit. That’s why you need a full-service solution that provides potential visitors with reliable and secure support. Oxynade has a white-label self service technology that enhances the experience of your guests and visitors. Founded in 2008 with a passion for ticketing. That’s who we are. Our expertise extends from events, teams and venues, to theme parks and more. We have a proven track record of success in supporting professional businesses. Everyone at Oxynade is accountable for providing the highest quality standards of ticketing and customer service to our clients.

With an impressive track record of proven success in event & ticketing management, we helped build MyUpcoming, MijnEvent, TeleTicketEasy, Antigone Cloud Edition, Nousorganisons & Eclipse-Ticketing.



Why you'll love Oxynade

- Multi-channel ticketing       

- 100 % cloud

- Easy self-service

- Hardware integration

- Real-time customer insights

- Scanning & access control

- Custom subscriptions




Why your customers will love Oxynade

- Smooth buying experience

- Minimized queue times

- Extended payment options

- Secure authentication

- Direct downloads

- Warranted refunds

- Customer-friendly availability


Our platforms

MijnEvent is a self-service ticketing platform for event organizers, available in English, French and Dutch. Over 10 000 organisations trust this platform for both small events and major venues, with a net sales of more than more than 100 000 tickets.





For more information, please contact Oxynade on info@oxynade.com .

Oxynade NV
Sassevaartstraat 46/201
9000 Gent
Phone: +32 9 277 92 79
Fax: +32 9277 92 89
VAT: BE 0893 070 288





Arkafund is a venture capital fund initiated by Dexia Bank & Sydes that was certified by the ARKimedes Fund as ARKIV. Arkafund was founded in early 2006. Its duration is 10 years, but can be extended for another 12 years. The fund is managed by the management team and Sydes is $ 20 million. Arkafund invests in Flemish innovative projects with the media, entertainment and communications sector as a focus.


Vinnof (Flemish Innovation Fund) provides seed capital for innovative start-ups in Flanders. Vinnof invests venture capital in start-up companies. Thus, these companies have the opportunity to grow and it is easier to do on venture capital from private companies. Appeal at a later stage


Board of Directors



Hans NissensCEO Oxynade

Hans is the founder and CEO of Oxynade.He put a number of major projects on the map, such as cultuurweb.be (now Uitinvlaanderen.be) and culture database (now Uitdatabank.be). With his in-depth knowledge of the business, its technological know-how and management skills Hans perfectly knows how to run a business like Oxynade.


Luc De VosBoard Chairman

Luc De Vos pioneered the Internet in Belgium. He was founder of the EUnet group, the very first commercial Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Belgium and the first pan-European large ISP. Luc has a vast array of experience working within demanding yet fulfilling management roles, mostly responsible for the creation or development of about 40 companies.This qualifies him as a serial entrepreneur. Luc is chairman of the board at Arkafund.


Niko NelissenPartner & Founder

Niko is co-founder of Oxynade as well as a solid partner. Besides that, he was CTO zat Hostbasket (acquired by Telenet, 2008) and he co-founded Q-layer (VC funded technology company, acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2009). Niko brings years of experience in internet technology, web 2.0 concepts and searching techniques to the company.


Jan VanhoyweghenArkafund

Jan is an accomplished Managing Director with proven ability in transforming ideas into business enterprises. He has a strong background in finance and taxes, a sound understanding of IT and a talent for creating strategies and motivating people in an eclectic assortment of business ventures. Jan is investment advisor at Arkafund.